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Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd is a independent real estate agency that specialises on one of the most attractive markets and destinations in Asia for investors, residential purchasers and expatriates retirees . Thailand is an emerging country and a growing real estate market. We look ahead and understand the trends that will shape the future of the market for ours customers.

Since 2000, with offices in Bangkok and Phuket, professional multilingual team provides a comprehensive and fully services in purchase and rental.

Our team will assist you in your property rental, investment and management in Thailand's main destinations such as Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui.

Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd has a substantial amount of experience in the Real Estate business and expert knowledge of the Thai market. Our success is the quality of our team, services, and selection that are well adapted to foreign investors and expatriates.

Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd focuses its activities on presenting carefully selected properties to the discerning investor. Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd acts primarily as a real estate agency and brokerage company, the company will also offer consultancy services that include a full range of property turnkey services that a client will need, such as: recommendations and introductions to lawyers, architects, project managers, feasibility studies, building contractors, topographical land surveys and assistance with build permits. Our range of properties are extensive, in that all price ranges will be covered. Furthermore, through our companies connections with the Thai locals, we are confident of sourcing any land size and type available on the island.

Our services range from property sales of residential properties luxury villas and condominiums, project management and development, commercial investment properties such as restaurant, hotels and factories, land acquisition for development, and all other property related services.

Thai Real Estate website site has been designed to offer simple navigation and interpretation of the facts to enable you, the investor, to make calculated decisions before making your purchase. The founders of Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd, have been involved in the real estate sector on Thailand for over ten years. Our contacts span all businesses involved in the purchase process, and through established working relationships we have positioned Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd with the best resources on the country, to serve our customers.

We set up the business to provide all our clients with a professional and honest service. We focus on the purchase, sale and acquisition of quality property in Thailand.

Whether you are looking for open business, rent villa to move in to, an attractive investment property, an off-plan development, a condominium, or you want to create the home of your dreams on a piece of land you choose, Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd can help you to realise your dreams.

Land and Property dealings in foreign jurisdictions can be fraught with dangers and pitfalls if you are not given the right professional guidance when buying or selling property.

Our professional team of Expatriates and Thai nationals have many years of experience in the real estate market in Thailand, and over the years have developed a reputation for honesty and integrity as well as maintaining the highest standard of professional ethics in all of our clients services.

As an added bonus, at no extra cost to yourselves, if you ask us to act as your real estate agents, your property can be listed with our numerous partner agents who sell property in Thailand. Through our association with various real estate companies, both within Thailand and worldwide, your property can be listed on their web sites and promoted to their comprehensive database of active clients looking for real estate in Thailand. This vastly increases your chances of a sale by promoting it to a much larger customer base.

Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd are member of international and local real estate associations, and with our team of experts you will get the services and support you deserve. Our agency fees are paid by owners and developers, so as a tenants and investors our services are free, you will get good advices and save precious time and money to find the best home that suits your need.

Our Team composed by English, French, Italian, Russian and Thai native speakers specializing in the sale of Real Estate properties in Thailand , and with a presence in major Thailand's destinations, we can advice you about the best opportunities that suit your objectives, and offer you a continuity of services. Also with our local contacts and associate companies, we also offer a full range of legal and financial real estate advice and services on all matters relating to your investments.

Our knowledge of the Thai real estate market together with our experienced team of real estate professionals is the key to a successful investment and relocation in Thailand. We deliver the best service to our clients and partners for a full client satisfaction. We offer all Real Estate Property Services including Property Consultancy, Property Legal Advice, Property Management, Accounting and others professionals services to ensure that the most relevant and reliable information and services are made available to our clients.

For property owners Thai Real Estate Co., Ltd care for your property on a day to day basis to help you maximize the return on your investment. We start with providing a rental and management service advertising your property for holiday or long term rental internationally via our marketing and website.

We have listed a selection of the hotels, guest houses and restaurants we have available for sale. Our resorts and hotels are located throughout Thailand, primarily in Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, the Central Business District of Bangkok and Krabi. If you are interested in buying a resort or hotel or another hospitality-related purchase, please contact us directly with your specifications and we can provide further options.

Thai Real Estate Co, Ltd has a large data base of residential and commercial properties to rent, lease and buy in Thailand. This data base is updated on daily basis. However if you cannot find the property you require in our database, please contact our real estate hot line at: +66 9880630028 you can send email us at and we guarantee that you will get an answer within 24hours.

Our Mission is to become Thailand's most comprehensive, trusted and globally recognised Thailand Real Estate Agency. Combined with our industry knowledge and our companies best practise policy and the capital that we have injected into the business, as well as our already well established reputation in Thailand we aim to become the best Real Estate Agency in Thailand.

We see customer focus as a business principle for our success; it is therefore, our task to align our corporate organization and the conduct of our employees to meet or to exceed the expectations of our customers. We must bring the will to accept change and to adapt to new conditions in the market, new products and services and constant change in expectations of our customers. Innovative ability and constant improvement of technical competence Innovative products and services combined with advanced web based technology always were and continue to be the basis for our business success, allowing us to offer outstanding progress to our customers. Our most important mission is to increase our capabilities, to expand our knowledge and to foster all

If you are interested in buying into one of our franchise opportunities please contact us for more information.

We currently have franchise opportunities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Pattaya, Phuket & Krabi.

Alternatively if you already have an established Real Estate agency in Thailand and don't feel your business is getting enough property enquiries then contact us and maybe we can establish a working relationship where by we provide you with top class property enquiries from one of the world's top ranking Thailand Real Estate websites.

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Remember you have a choice, if you go it alone it is at your own risk and there are many pitfalls which you can fall into. Our service is FREE and costs you nothing and all we ask is if we provide a good service that you remain loyal to us and purchase or rent through our company now or in the future!